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From: David Hall  
To: Ture Sjolander
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 10:14 PM
Subject: Re: Brian Hoey

Sorrry David

to hear that you are not so well, but what can we expect after 64 year?
Life is not that fucking easy and I am sure you know that to.
I have understand after looking at your websites that you have done a lot of contribution to the visual art world.

I did not get any respond from the contact you suggested me, yet. I am just curious what happens with people 30 years later, and I consider Brian being a very nice and sensible person, so I would like to know his whereabouts.

No I am not making any Videos today, I am making a kinda electronic 'coffin' or some kind of thumbstone of my earlier life, on the web. Thats all. Well, I am still stupid, painting large acrylic canvases. Why, I don't relly know.

I did some silly 3 meter marble sculptures in China 1997:
the Chinese offered me US $ 10.000 from start but they changed their mind when I was there and suggested me to travel within China insted for the value of $ 10.000. I was not interested of that so I left China. I had 4 old Chinese assistent who as I know fullfilled my 'design', the mission.
The sculpture was dedicated to my kidnapped son in the end.

Whatever I am still glad to be alive for sometime.

If you are well enough to travel you are very welcome to be my guest here in Australia. I am living in the very best region; Northern New South Wales near Byron Bay, in the rainforrest near a big waterfall, 30 minutes drive to all the good beaches. Perfect climate though.

I so very much like your picture with the light on your head lifting up from the ground. Can I use it on one of my websites and link to yours?

Sir David Hall, all my best to you!!!!

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