Wei Xiao Ming
Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts, The People's Republic of China
1977 Entered and studied at Department of Decoration, the Chinese Academy of Arts and
1981 Graduated and started lecturing in the Academy.
1983-1985 Received following awards and prizes for works:
"The Obstinate Woman"Bronze Prize of the Sixth China National Arts Award
"The Black Stallion" Silver Prize of the Third China National Cartoon Award
"Continuous Pictorial"Honor Prize of the Golden Ring Award
Named Excellent Artist of Beijing.
Works have been kept as permanent collection at the China Arts Exhibition Center and
The Centre National Bela Bande Dessinee Et De L'image.
1986 Awarded Scholarship from Vienna Arts Institute of Austria to further study in Europe.
1987 Wood carving work "Song of Vienna" has been selected for "XYLON, 10" exhibition
and went on public display in the Switzerland.
1988 Received Master of Arts degree from Vienna Arts Institute, and awarded the "Award for
Excellent Arts Contribution" by Ministry of Arts, Culture and Scientific Research of Austrian


Took part in various arts exhibitions and organized personal exhibitions. Also participated
and created lots of outdoor and indoor environmental art works.
1992 Returned to China and teaching in the Central Academy of Fine Arts.
1993 Met Mr. Jiang zeming ( Secretary General of Chinese Communist Party), Mr. Li Peng
(Prime Minister of China) and other leaders of the country at the Hall of People , as the repres-
entative of scholars returned from abroad.
Completed large-scaled sculpture "Tidal Wave" for Behai City of Guangxi province,
and outdoor sculptures"Wind" and "Rhythm" for Beihai Municipal Stadium


Invited by the Chinese Children Publishers to work on illustrations for Hans Christian
Anderson Children's stories series.
Designed memorial stamp for the Fourth Women Meeting for the Ministry of Post and
Telecommunication of China.
Completed bronze sculpture "Qua Fu chasing after the sun"at the Bund of Shanghai
(commissioned by AT&T)
Awarded the "Creative Award"from Zhang Guang Yu Arts Foundation of the China
Central Arts Instutute.
Received the"1995 Creative and Young Accomplishment Award" from Hennessey.
Received the First Grade Prize from the Fourth National Pictorial Books Exhibition.
Invited by Ministry of Culture of Swedish Government to participate in the International
Sculpture Creative Workshop (at Stockholm) as visiting scholar.
1996 Participated in the Tianjin International Sculpture Competition and received the "Artistic
Creation Award"
1997 Revisited Stockholm and participated in the International Sculpture Creative Workshop.
Participated in coordinating the First Bronze Sculpture Coloring Class in Beijing (organized
by the National Municipal Sculpture Erection Committee).
As one of the principal organizing committee members, actively participated in organizing
the First Changchun International Sculpture Exhibition.
1998 Participated in the 1998 International Culture Symposium at Stockholm (organized by
UNESCO) and presented the speech entitled "Development of public environmental art
works co-related to the improvement of Chinese living environment after the opening of
China"(in English).
Participated in European Memorial Sculptures Symposium and participated in discussion
panel for the future development of public sculpture works (in German).
Presented the report entitled"About the impression on the creation of children's stories
illustration" at the Sino- German Artists Symposium (organized by Goethe Institute).
Created a series of outdoor and environmental sculpture for Changchun city.


Responsible for organizing Tianjin International Municipal Sculptures Exhibition.
Created"Sublimation of Blue", "Rhythm of Fall" and "Golden Age" for the special
economic zone of Tianjin City.
Participated in the"Retrospective Exhibition of the Thirty-three Year 1999"organized
by the Central Academy of Fine Arts.


ersonal sculpture exhibitions at headquarter of the National Bank of Singapore, Alliance
Francaise of Singapore and the Hong Kong Convention Centre.
Published personal collection book"In the Praise of Life".
2000-Present Created sculptures for Phoenix Opera House in Ningbo, for Medicine School, and
"Ah-Bing"กข"Nie-Er"กข"XianXingHai" for Music Square of BingJiang City.
Commissioned by municipal governments of Chungchun, Guilin, Xian, Loudi,(of Hunan
province), Yanqing (of Beijing designated city) to create urbanenvironmental sculptures.